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NZ Artisan Awards 2022!!!

Our Curry Lover's Pie won Bronze medal and had proven to be one of the best artisan food products in New Zealand regardless of being vegan and gluten free!!!

This year was The Inspire+ NZ Artisan Awards biggest year yet, with over 1,000 entries making it the largest food award programme in the country.

The new criteria saw products judged individually rather than comparing them to what were very broad categories. Products were recognised with a Bronze, Silver or Gold award if they met the development standard; this included analysing the level of consumer demand in the category, degree of innovation, fit-for-purpose claims, visual appeal, price point, packaging, sustainability, shelf-life, mouth feel, taste, distribution and market relevance.

We have participated in the Chilled/Deli category and are very pleased that one of our rainbow pies "Curry Lover's Pie" got recognised with a Bronze medal :)

Curry Lover's Pie

It's name says it all!!! Mild to medium yellow chickpea curry with traditional spices in a red gluten free pastry all wrapped in a compostable packaging. All ingredients are organic and it is lovingly handmade in the Top of South Island, NZ.

This plant based pie will make your taste buds dance!!!

NZ Vegan Pie Awards 2020 - Winner of gluten free category NZ Artisan Awards 2022 - Bronze Medal

Ingredients: Chickpeas, carrot, parsnip or broccoli/cauliflower, buckwheat flour, potatoes, coconut cream, sunflower oil, brown rice flour, beetroot, tomatoes, psyllium husk, fresh coriander & seeds, cumin, black pepper, garam masala, turmeric, chillies, salt, kafir lime leaves, hemp seeds.

Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes into our rainbow kitchen while the Curry Lover's pies are being lovingly handmade by Pato. Isn't the colour of the red gluten free pastry just spectacular? And believe it or not it is dyed just with the beetroot!!! Loving the contrast of yellow chickpea curry filling ;)

You can find this and our other rainbow pies at your local organic store or every Saturday at The Nelson Market.

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